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Soul Reconnect

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DoTERRA Essential Oils



doTERRA Essential Oils are a main part of my natural lifestyle, along with yoga & meditation. They have integrated into every area of my life from toxic free cleaning, to applying to the skin for some self care, to taking to boost and support my  immune system.

If you would like to become part of my growing team of beautiful oil users, with your own wholesale account, which allows you to purchase doTERRA essential oils and self care products at 25% off, then, click the link below and follow the instructions .  You can order as and when you like, with no obligation, however, if you want to opt in to the reward system you can do this at any time to get reward points and free products. You will also get my support and the support of my team to help you integrate these oils and start to live a healthier, more joyful and beautifully aromatic life!

To get your own wholesale account, click here and follow these instructions…..

  1. Click Link
  2. Click Join & Save
  3. Choose Join doTERRA
  4. Choose Wellness Advocate
  5. Fill in your personal details (UK scroll down to DUBLIN for time zone) and choose either a starter kit or the £20 enrolment option and you can add products when you take that to the payment stage.
  6. Please note that the enroller ID should be filled in but if it isn’t please put 3847969
  7. I will then send you some welcome emails, oils will take a few days to reach you and then your new essential oil life can begin!

 Click here for deeper information about what an essential oil is.

I use the oils for chemical toxic free cleaning, for skin care, or cellular renewal, and to keep my emotional wellbeing balanced. As a plus my house always smells amazing!!!

doTERRA are a company which are making a positive impact on the world, the have a co-sourcing policy, and really help the native people who provide the raw material for doTERRA. As a team doTERRA help build local facilities that are needed in that area, click here for more information.

doTERRA provide amazing oils, so pure that some of them can be taken internally for medicinal use. These essential oils are certified therapeutic grade oils, and undergo rigorous testing both in house and in independent labs.

Why doTERRA? Click here for more information.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds which come from plants and trees, they are the tree and plants natural immune system. The oils have various uses, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, antibiotic, analgesic, and so much more.

If you would like any free samples, please contact me with an area of health or lifestyle you would like to work on, your address, and I will be happy to send you some.

Please click this link  if you would like to sign up for a FREE 5 day Introduction to Essential Oils E-Course, this consists of 5 days of emails and small videos, everyone who provides feedback gets samples and the chance to be entered into a free trio of oils, Lavender, Peppermint and Lemon.